As of October 1, 2017, Google (as de facto rulers of the internet) have decided to fully implement the most dangerous warnings about unprotected websites. Up to now, they've only been toying with us, like a cat fiddles with a mouse until he's ready to bite off its head and eat it whole.. but now there going in for the KILL trust me you are losing clients..

Hey, sorry about the scary headline, I will get to that in a second! First all let me just introduce myself my name is Dean and I have been helping small\meduim size businesses and blog owners make a bigger ROI for over 15 years. You can find out all about me on my blog Now with that said, back to the matter at hand I am not sure if you're aware (most business owners are not!) but Google has started rolling out the most devastating Change to date. If your website is not SSL secure then google is going to show your website as such... like this

Now let me ask you an HONEST question if you were shopping or looking for a local business online and you saw images like that come up on the screen would you think twice about using that website?  


I am guessing like everyone else you would close the site and look for a site that did not have warnings plastered all over it! please don't take my word for it about this change look it up on Google it's real and has already started.  

It gets WORSE!!! Yep not only is your website going to have that warning all over it google is also going to give ranking preference to sites that ARE secure. makes sense right! meaning anyone smart enough to get secure is going to move up to the top of Google for there keywords terms leaving unsecured sites to drop off to page 2-3.  


What you need to do is install what is called an SSL certificate onto your server which in turn will show you're trusted in Googles eyes, and also give you a huge boasting in the Google rankings which in turn mean you gain a lot more customers.  

How can I help?  

While 95% of business owners, will not know about this change, or do anything about it you, can jump in making your site the only one in town that IS secure which in turn will can you a boatload of new sales

 Not only that as I have mentioned Google is giving extra ranking power to secure sites over NON-secure meaning you will cruise past your competition who will not have a clue why you have become the go-to business in your niche.  

What I can do for you is very simple, I will install an SSL certificate onto your site\server and do all the setup work and geek stuff :) giving you all the above benefits for a low one time fee.

 £49.99 - $67.00

* A very small price to pay to boast your rankings and be shown as secure 

** 95% of website owners DON'T know about this! act fast and then people looking for the service you provide will come to YOU.



I close my doors for business in a few days i love extended Xmas breaks :) so I am only taking a few more clients so act fast get secure and gain a lot of new sales in the processes!

To order please fill in the form below i will then reach out to you with my details i can then invoice you and we can get your project under way.

* Under the form there is a frequently asked questions section.


Ok, what are you offering me? 

Google has started to roll out it new change, which means that any website that is not SSL secure will show as un-secure which will lose you clients and sales.  

I am offering to make sure your website shows as a secure site to people, also my work will boast you up the Google rankings making you more sales.  

Why do I need this? 

Well let me ask you a question would you shop or use a service that shows up as un-secure? buy using my service you will be one of a small group that has made your site secure and people will use YOUR service, not your competitions.  

Not only that but by being Secure in googles eyes you can expect a sharp rise in your Google rankings which will bring you more calls and sales.  

But I asked a friend and checked myself my site does not say it is un-secure?  

Google started rolling out these changes October the 1st and ends January the 1st within this time period you will be affected.  

How do I know this is all true? 

please check on google it's big news right now.  

How do I know my payment is safe with you? 

Payments are backed by Paypal buyer protection and if you are not happy with the service can have a refund no problem.  

Do you need access to my website? what will you be doing exactly?  

What I will be doing is adding an SSL certificate to your website this will tell Google that you're a safe site and give Google the nod to help with your rankings.  

There are 3 ways I can make the changes.  

1. You can let me have your DOMAIN information I do not need your hosting information I can then make the changes.  

2. I can make a video guide for you taking baby steps on how to make the changes, I can always jump on a skype\phone call with you if you get stuck.  

3. I can do the work remotely from your desktop using TeamViewer which keeps you in control.  

There are a couple more options we can talk about too, but we will go with the option that you feel safe with.  

Is this a monthly fee or a one-off free?

The price you see is an ONE-TIME FEE and will keep you secure for life.  

 Your Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.